L&D Consultant at VodafoneZiggo

Babet is Learning & Development Consultant at VodafoneZiggo. With experience in creating global development programmes, Babet has delivered career workshops which include Sales Techniques, Presentation Skills, Cross-Cultural Awareness, Diversity & Inclusion, as well as helping to create and manage the global Vodafone learning platform (Vodafone University).
Starting as a facilitator, she’s very very excited about creating an inclusive learning culture which allows people to grow, connect and learn through effective learning.

Strategic HR Advisor at the Municipality of Deventer

Ilse Heitling works on the development of the organization in a new, future proof way of working, by creating intervention at the edge of long term strategy and the daily processes of the organization and its employees. As strategic advisor, Ilse makes complex issues transparent, providing clear results for both top management and the employees of the organization. llse has implemented the 70:20:10 model to define the main problem that needed to be solved and innovate at the core of the organization together with management and co-workers.

Process Director Development at the Municipality of Deventer

Harmke translates the strategic vision of the organization in concrete L&D activities. 70:20:10 is an important method in this process of translation as she uses it to facilitate multiple projects and stimulate the performance improvement of the Municipality of Deventer.

Learning Manager at Philip Morris International

His current role in Philip Morris International in Moscow (Russia) is entails supporting critical business initiatives by implementing a practical capability building approach, that aims to improve individual
and business performance to support the company’s ongoing transformation.

Global Program Manager M2O at Signify

Anke has worked in several multinational companies in global brand management and key account management roles, she brings with her a broad experience in marketing and sales, both in B2B and B2C.

Head of Learning R&D and Innovation at Signify

Juan has worked in several strategic Product Management roles for Signify, both regional and global. He has extensive knowledge in R&D and product-development. He brings with him a broad experience
in Value Proposition Creation and Future Technology Skills such as IoT and PoE. Having a strong business-background is an advantage when advising strategic business stakeholders about the value L&D can bring to the business.

Co-Founder of The 70:20:10 Institute

Jos’ passion is for co-creating, with colleagues and clients, a new future for Learning & Development as a Value Creator. Jos has worked for more than 30 years in the field of L&D and human performance improvement. As the CLO of a University hospital in the Netherlands for almost 15 years, Jos reported directly to the board of directors because L&D was seen as critical to delivering value to the hospital’s core mission and processes. With continued L&D innovations and publication of numerous books on workplace performance improvement, Jos became a thought leader on a national level, which made him start his own consulting practice. He focused on supporting L&D departments in moving from the learning paradigm to the performance paradigm and to providing added business value.

Education & Research Manager at Catharina Hospital

Nanette Raaijmakers is manager Education & Research at the Catharina Hospital Eindhoven, one of the biggest top clinical hospitals in The Netherlands. Her team is responsible for the education of more than 1200 students a year and for the professional development of the 3500 employees of the Catharina Hospital. Nanette studied Educational Technology at the Twente University and is working for more than 25 years in the eld of education as a researcher, trainer, advisor and manager.

Consultant/70:20:10 Expert at Tulser

As a performance consultant Joost helps to improve human performance in organizations. Using a 70:20:10 lens, he bring learning to the spot where people actually create results: the workplace. He helps to transform the workplace into an environment in which your employees can excel and deliver top performance. Joost is an expert in leveraging the 70:20:10 model, performance support and communities of practice.