The 70:20:10 Expert Programme

From Learning to Performing in the workplace

The 70:20:10 Expert Programme is a training programme that supports organizations in accelerating performance by changing the conventional roles in L&D to delivering measurable results and integrate learning in the workflow. Unlike any traditional training or development approach, we support your team in delivering immediate impact by placing your business objective at the core of our programme, meaning that each participant will work in collaboration on solving an already existing need in their own organisation.

Deliver more Business Solutions

L&D professionals around the world are embracing 70:20:10 to expand the range of services they offer, from traditional formal learning interventions to steady business solutions aligned with the organizational core objectives. 70:20:10 provides a concrete opportunity to make these services available and relevant by ensuring they enable learning and performing at the speed of business.

Doing such will help transition L&D from being a cost centre to generating profit and strengthen organizational learning in the long run.

The 70:20:10 Expert Programme is part of the Value-Based Learning portfolio of solutions, that can be found on the Key Resources cell of the L&D Business Canvas.

No matter the industry, we support your L&D in becoming a real Value Creator

Boost organizational performance by inspiring a mindset shift around L&D

A programme that aids both professional and personal development

What's in for you and your organization?


Increase ROI

Demonstrate immediate return on your investment in the programme by making a positive business case for 70:20:10 compared to traditional training.

Deliver measurable impact

Achieve measurable results for your organisation by using 70:20:10 performance projects, including business cases.


Align L&D with Business

Contribute to your organisation’s goals and increase the profile of the L&D department by delivering services that are closer needs and practices existing in the workplace.


Expert Certification

Receive a 70:20:10 expert certification from the 70:20:10 Institute when you complete the project and meet the criteria.


Reduce costs and time

The Programme is designed to minimise learning-related absence costs and deliver results with less time lost compared to traditional formal learning solutions.


Gain unique insights

Gain unique insights into the experience of working and learning with 70:20:10. There’s no better way of keeping your skills as a L&D professional relevant and up-to-date.

Engage your team on the Performance Journey

Central to this programme is a demand selected by the internal customer / stakeholder. The customer approaches the L&D team with a specific need, which then becomes the starting and main focal point of the 70:20:10 Expert Programme. Our consultants will support the participants throughout the project, who, in effect, will follow a Performance Journey.

The Programme was designed to be embedded in L&D professionals’ regular work processes, as it implies a different way of working and thus a different set of processes. Once enrolled in the Expert Programme, L&D professionals will be instructed to work more collaboratively with their internal clients to co-create solutions that have measurable business impact.


The project

Prior to the programme, we will discuss with the main client (usually the L&D leader) which projects are best suited for the application of the 70:20:10 methodology.

The work accelerators

Throughout the entire process, there are a number of ‘work accelerator sessions. The principal work accelerators are two 2½ day face-to-face workshops that focus on the five roles and details of the task flows within them. During these accelerators our 70:20:10 experts provide guidance to help with the execution of the projects and, where necessary, give more background information on available options, such as ways to conduct difficult conversations with a client in a safe environment.


The 70:20:10 Expert Programme starts with a kick-off session, either online or on location in your organisation.

Presentation of results (half-day)

In some cases, with in-company programmes, we plan a half-day at the end of the nine months where everyone presents the results of their project. Where possible, we invite internal clients to these sessions.
the 70:20:10 roles

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