70:20:10 Summit

L&D Delivering Business Impact

The annual conference where learning professionals across the whole world gather together to push the industry forward, deliver more value to their organizations and change the way people think about L&D.

Unlike most of the L&D conferences, the 70:20:10 Summit emphasises the exchange of ideas and informal connections through a more active and participative approach. Instead of just listening to a series of formal speeches, the participants encouraged to ideate and collaborate towards setting the context for the much-needed transition within the industry – from Learning Value to Business Value.

The future is now and we are in charge of creating it!

This year, we have seen Learning Experts from all over the world leaving the formality behind to co-create, share stories and forge bonds to drive the whole industry forward.

Professionals from different sectors got together to work on achieving one underlying purpose – Helping people and organizations perform better.

To most of the attendees, this represented a real proof that nowadays, the role and impact of learning is extending well beyond the boundaries of the L&D and HR departments.

For the past two years, the Summit has been held in the innovative Signify (Philips Lighting) Centre, part of “The Smartest Km2 in Europe”, the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

Business Leaders and Learning Professionals around the whole world have collaborated to co-create a new future for L&D