Vivian Heijnen

Co-founder 70:20:10 Institute

Vivian has a deep background in both learning and consulting in large and smaller organisations, and in the Netherlands Royal Forces. Her strength is her strategic thinking combined with pragmatism and a knife-like focus on execution. She has consulted on a wide range of projects at every level for the implementation of 70:20:10 solutions, including management development change, L&D enablement, and the implementation of electronic patient files to improve performance in the medical world.

Charles Jennings

Co-founder 70:20:10 Institute

Charles has been working with the 70:20:10 model for almost 20 years and is known worldwide for his work and advocacy of the approach. He is a leading thinker and practitioner in the field of building high performance strategies and solutions and has deep experience of corporate L&D, Talent and HR, having held senior CLO roles in global companies.  A former academic and business school professor, Charles is a member of advisory boards and steering groups for international learning, performance and business bodies around the world.

Jos Arets


Jos’ passion is for co-creating, with colleagues and clients, a new future for L&D as a Value Creator. Jos has worked for 25 years in the field of human performance improvement to support L&D departments moving from formal learning to human performance improvement solutions and to provide added business value. He has written many books focused on learning and performance, some of them which are L&D classics. As the principal author of the 70:20:10 towards 100% performance book, he developed the 70:20:10 methodology in collaboration with Vivian Heijnen.

Mandy van Hugten

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Kathy Granger

President - 70:20:10 Institute U.S

Kathy has over 25 years of experience in the L&D industry with senior leadership roles in several consulting firms, most recently as President of Fort Hill Company. She has always maintained a laser focus on ensuring clients’ learning initiatives deliver improved performance and business value. She has used the 70:20:10 reference model over the years to guide the design of web-based learning applications as well as learning campaigns. The Business Model Canvas is Kathy’s preferred approach to creating successful strategies to drive organizational change and product innovation. She leads client management and consulting support for the Institute’s new Value-based L&D Solutions with organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

Nas-raddine Touhami

Manager operations


Joost Robben

70:20:10 Expert Programme facilitator.

As a performance consultant Joost helps to improve human performance in organizations. Using a 70:20:10 lens he brings learning to the spot where people actually create results: the workplace

Fabrice Luijten

70:20:10 Expert Programme facilitator

Fabrice Luijten 70:20:10 Expert Programme facilitator Fabrice is fascinated by the way organizations are run and how they operate to achieve (public) goods. Or in other words: things that matter. As a performance consultant he helps to improve human performance in organizations. Using a 70:20:10 lens he brings learning to the spot where people actually create results: the workplace. Fabrice…


Harold Jarche

Harold Jarche is focused on workplace transformation for the network era. He has been described as “a keen subversive of the last century’s management and education models”. Clients appreciate Harold for his extensive experience and network. His internationally renowned blog is “a beacon of light in the dark landscape of organizational learning”. According to one long-time reader,…

Mark Britz

Mark Britz has worked over 15 years designing and managing learning solutions for elearning production houses, K12 publishing, dental management, and IT healthcare. His career has spanned the areas of public education, business simulation design, management and executive consultation.  As a senior learning and performance practitioner he has developed formal learning solutions as well as strategically implemented…