Value-Based L&D

From Learning Value to Business Value

The current state of the industry

It is clear that organizations evolve by innovating their business models. We believe that the L&D department shouldn’t be an exception and is expected to accelerate performance and create added value in the same way, by improving its own business model.

According to the 4 L&D Business Models, developed by Jos Arets, most organizations today are operating within the two formal-learning focused models, Order Taker and Learning Enabler, delivering mainly traditional learning and capability development solutions which only scratch the surface of L&D and the value that it can bring.

L&D Business Models

Redefining Learning with Value-Based L&D

The future lies in moving away from the Learning to the Performance paradigm and transforming the L&D department into a real Value Creator that can deliver actionable business solutions to enhance performance and unlock growth opportunities. Today, stakeholders are looking for learning integrated within the workflow and solutions that have a broader reach, extending beyond training and formal learning.

What is the challenge that we must overcome?

For years, several organizations across the world have attempted to convert their delivery model to focus more on performance and business improvement. However, due to not being able to evaluate how L&D can critically influence different areas of the business, many of these organizations found the change process frustrating and inconsistent.

It is when you see the big picture that you can make a real impact

Value-Based L&D represents an approach that enables professionals to address the big picture of L&D, supporting them in consolidating an agile and high-performing organization. Building on the success our clients have had with the Expert Program, we expanded our solutions to embrace a broader, systemic approach to L&D transformation.

Value-Based L&D

A new way of delivering L&D solutions

Sitting at the forefront of this approach is our unique L&D Business Model Canvas, which represents the VISUALISATION of your L&D journey, from the business model that you are using, to the one that you aspire to move towards.

Using the L&D Business Canvas makes it easy to visualize how L&D can deploy a consistent impact across all levels of business. This tool embodies a systemic approach that will bring clarity to the way you deliver L&D solutions.

L&D Business Canvas

Download the programme outline

Our updated portfolio of more than 50 actionable solutions will support organizations in articulating a personalized transformational journey, where the internal client will have the ability to chose the speed of the journey, the main areas of focus and the most suitable tools and processes.


Let’s collaborate to unlock the potential of Value-Based L&D and maximize your business performance