The Institute works with organisations across the world. We help exploit the potential of 70:20:10 as a robust approach to strengthen and align learning and development (L&D) with organisational performance needs.  We develop new approaches and we work to co-create learning and performance strategies, as well as solutions with performance and (organisational) learning power.

Our view of 70:20:10 is as an evolving new approach rather than a single solution. It embraces techniques such as performance support, working with exemplary performers, social learning, re-designing work processes and other levers. When applied well, 70:20:10 will enable more effective and efficient ways for building high performance faster than the speed of business. Our 70:20:10 methodology is in use by an increasing number of leading organisations.

We believe that open collaboration delivers the best for everyone, which is why we partner globally with businesses and experts whose work is leading the way to extend beyond formal learning and re-focus on performance outcomes.

The Institute offers help and support through a range of services, including 70:20:10 capability-building programmes, strategic consultancy and implementation support, publications, and through a set of resources we make available for use by our partners and organisations that are using 70:20:10 to improve learning and performance.