From Courses to Campaigns: Citi’s Journey to a Culture of Continuous Learning


Authors: Charles Jennings and Brian Murphy

In 2014 Citi embarked on a journey to transform the way it encourages and supports its workforce development. Reflecting on the changing nature of the workplace, and on specific changes happening in the global financial sector, Citi decided to build for the future in new ways. The journey so far has produced positive results both internally and externally. The firm has been able to embed new approaches helping to move ‘courses’ to ‘campaigns’. This move enabled a reduction in spend on traditional classroom training by 38% over the first two years. Across the HR and learning industry Citi has become an acknowledged leader in innovation in approaches to learning and performance. A move to the campaign approach, underpinned by the 70:20:10 framework, has allowed Citi’s workforce to access the resources they need when they need them, and to better do their jobs and enhance their personal development. By leveraging social learning techniques, on-the-job learning, and personal challenges, the L&D department at Citi has helped increase participation in development activities, raise engagement and employee satisfaction levels, and embed continuous development into everyday activities.


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