70:20:10 Institute Privacy Policy

The 70:20:10 Institute is committed to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy explains how we collect information from the 702010institute.com website (the “Site”) and through our various Partnership agreements, what we do with it and whom we share it with. By using this site or by entering into an agreement with us you agree with this privacy policy. Please take time to review this policy carefully.


1. Personal information

When you contact us, whether through personal impact, by phone, email, through our websites, or otherwise, or when we make an agreement with you, we may keep a record of your communication to help us serve our mutual best interests or solve issues that you might be facing, but also for our quality assurance and statistical purposes, as well as to improve our products and services.

If at any time after you have submitted your information to us, you wish us to stop using your information for any of these purposes; please email info@702010institute.com

Disclosing your personal information to others

Other than the disclosures referred to in this policy, we will not disclose any personal information without your permission unless we are entitled or obliged to do so under law.


2. Non-personal information

We may collect and use non-personal information in the following ways.

a) Internet Protocol (IP) addresses

When you visit our site, we may log your IP address (the unique address which identifies your computer on the internet). We may use IP addresses to collect broad geographic information on our site visitors. We do not link IP addresses to personally identifiable information.

b) Cookies

This site, along with most other websites, uses cookies, which are pieces of information that a website transfers to the cookie file on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies may be used to record details of pages relating to particular products and services that you have visited on our site.

We may use cookies to:

  • collect generic usage statistics of our site
  • track visitor preferences
  • improve and update our site

Cookies cannot look into your computer and obtain information about you or your family or read any material kept on your hard drive and cookies cannot be used to identify who you are.

The web-browsers of most computers are initially set up to accept cookies. You can set your web-browser to disable cookies or to inform you when a website is attempting to add a cookie. You can also delete cookies that have been added to your computer’s cookie file.

If you disable cookies you may not be able to log into the secure areas of our site, and your navigation of our site may be less enjoyable.

c) Web analytics

In order to develop our site in line with our customers’ needs, we may keep a track on which pages on our website are visited most frequently and how long visitors spend on our site. We may use this information to help improve the site.

We never gather other information from your disk or computer. We may collect a copy of the data held by the cookie for inclusion in any analysis. We use full SSL protocols when collecting visitor information on secure pages; this ensures that the site’s security is not compromised. We encrypt all transmitted visitor information (even from non-secure pages), so no-one else can read the information we gather.

None of the information can be traced to an individual – we do not know who you are as a unique user, merely that there are a certain number of people using the site. We only collect data that relates to what goes on in the 70:20:10 Institute site and the information cannot be used for marketing on an individual basis.

If you would like more information about how we use non-personal information, please contact us or email us at info@702010institute.com


3. Keeping our records accurate

We aim to keep our information about you as accurate as possible. If you would like to review or change the details you have given us, please contact us or email us at info@702010institute.com


4. Security

We have implemented technology and policies to safeguard your privacy from unauthorised access and improper use and will continue to update these measures as new technology becomes available.


5. Changes to this privacy policy

From time to time we may make changes to this privacy policy. Please check this privacy policy regularly for any changes.