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The 70:20:10 Expert programme

At the moment we are only doing incompany Expert Programmes

Many L&D professionals are already using 70:20:10 and the Expert Programme reflects this fact. You’ll be expected to work on a case study of your own to develop the services you provide and to prepare for the future of L&D by:

  • Working in a group and drawing directly on the body of 70:20:10 knowledge developed.
  • Actively using the book on which the programme is based –  70:20:10 towards 100% performance.
  • Exploring 70:20:10 by using a case study from your own workplace.
  • Using online 70 and 20 tools and solutions to implement the five new roles.
  • Helping your L&D department to continue developing its services and transforming to exploit, and comply with, 70:20:10.

For people who want to become a 70:20:10 expert

L&D professionals around the world are embracing 70:20:10 to help expand the range of services they offer and connect directly with their organisations’ core businesses. 70:20:10 provides a concrete opportunity to make these services relevant and up-to-date by ensuring they enable learning and performing at the speed of business. In a changing world 70:20:10 is creating a new future for L&D and helping ensure the profession stays ahead of the game.


The benefits

  • Become a 70:20:10 expert and execute the five new roles: Performance Detective, Architect, Master Builder, Game Changer and Tracker.
  • Earn a rapid return on your investment in the programme by making a positive business case for 70:20:10 compared to traditional training.
  • Achieve measurable results for your organisation by using 70:20:10 performance projects, including business cases.
  • Contribute to your organisation’s goals and increase the profile of the L&D department.
  • Receive a certificate of attendance from the 70:20:10 Institute.
  • Minimise learning-related absence costs by working on projects from your own L&D agenda.
  • Gain unique insights into the experience of working and learning with 70:20:10. There’s no better way of keeping your skills as a L&D professional relevant and up-to-date.

Two parts of 2,5 days
3,900 per participant
12-25 participants

Programme outlines

The five roles of the 70:20:10 Expert are the central focus of the programme. You’ll work on the critical tasks for each role and have a chance to carry these out yourself at least once.

The programme lasts six months but you can continue developing and presenting your own cases after it’s over.

Workshops 1 and 2: The Performance Detective

As well as introducing you to the 70:20:10 concept, these workshops focus primarily on performance consulting. You’ll discuss subjects such as:

  • The background to 70:20:10.
  • Its possibilities and limitations.
  • Connecting with stakeholders and the core business.
  • The performance and learning paradigms.
  • Carrying out the Performance Detective’s analysis.
  • Using the right tools to assess organisations, people and processes consistently.
  • Analysing tasks to provide performance support for the 70.
  • Working methodically to quantify the performance gap and its underlying causes.

You’ll work on your own case study which we’ll use to add structure and content to the 20 and 70

Workshops 3 and 4: The Performance Architect and Performance Master Builder

The design process is based consistently on the 70:20:10 performance consulting and design principles. We’ll discuss the following subjects:

  • How to design the 70:20:10.
  • Using the 70:20:10 design principles.
  • Using the 70:20:10 intervention matrix.
  • Designing and developing performance support.
  • Designing solutions for a 70:20:10 project from your own practice.

Workshop 5: The Performance Game Changer

Implementing 70:20:10 requires close co-operation with relevant stakeholders, and monitoring and adjusting as you go along. We’ll consider the following issues, among others:

  • The principles of implementing a 70:20:10 project.
  • Liaising with the organisation’s decision maker and sponsor.
  • Implementation with particular reference to your own case study.

Workshop 5: The Performance Tracker

There are various ways of tracking whether the desired results have been achieved. So we’ll discuss the following topics, among others:

  • Evaluation methodologies.
  • Monitoring and adjusting the project’s progress.
  • Measuring its business impact.

Workshop 5: Presenting your case

During the programme you’ll use your own case study as a practical example of workplace learning and focus on demonstrating its positive business impact.

New roles 702010 expert



The cost per participant is €3,900. This excludes VAT and travel, accommodation and optional performance consultancy vouchers for online advice on your case study.


  • The book ‘702010 towards 100% performance’ (included);
  • The online community of the international 70:20:10 Institute (access included).

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