Maasstad Academy, part of Maasstad Hospital, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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Succesfully been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) for excellence of care in 2015, the Maasstad Rotterdam Hospital was due for reaccreditation for its JCI Gold Seal of Approval in 2018. The organization set up a specific programme to align the organization with the (renewed) 2018 international standards and prepare their staff as they are compliant to these standards for renowed high quality and safety of care. The Maasstad Academy was to be part of the multi- disciplinary team to lead this process and asked Tulser as a project lead for their part off the programme. Their specific task was to design and implement a architecture and toolset to ensure hospital staff delivered high performance  compliant to the JCI standards and Maasstad Hospital policy based on these standards.


Maasstad Hospital is a high end clinical (education) hospital based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It has a capacity of 600 beds and approx. 45000 patient visit the clinic yearly. The hospital offers a wide range of (clinical) care and also delivers some highly specialized services for complex care. Maasstad Hospital embodies one of the 3 specialized centre for care of burns in the Netherlands.

Joint Commission International:

JCI accreditation is considered the gold standard in global health care. As today, over a 1000 health care organizations in 70 countries around the world have been accredited by the JCI organization. JCI works to improve patient safety and quality of health care by setting a rigorous standard of 1100 measurable elements. Organizations that want to be accredited by the JCI need to show compliancy to these elements during an extensive one week visitation by a JCI accreditation team.  

70:20:10 approach:

As a leading implementation partner of the 70:20:10 Institute, Tulser has chosen a 70:20:10 approach in this project. The aim of the 70:20:10 approach is to deliver high performance through continuous improvement and support at the workplace. Learning by working is the main driver of this approach and thus the architecture of the solution consists primarily of online and offline support at the workplace through performance support tools (70). Also, continuous improvement teams have been created at the workplace (team level) to build a community of experts on quality and safety of care and to ensure social support and learning in and across teams (20). These improvement teams where supported by Maasstad Academy staff to grow in their new roles. 


  • Online performance support for 28 critical tasks.
  • 1 job aid booklet.
  • 6 theme months / improvement weeks organized with improvement approach and tools.
  • May – October: support of improvement teams at the hospital wards with PDCA.
  • 34 sessions: compliant registration of patient records (EPRS).
  • 2 booklets (performance support): Tips for compliant registration of patient records (Nurse/ doctor).


The Maasstad Hospital was succesfully reaccredited by the JCI organization in november 2018. Moreover, by having learned a way of working at which continuous improvement and learning at the workplace is a integral part of the job, hospital teams are more prepared for a future of excellent quality and safety of care for patients and staff.


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