Client question

We will be reorganizing within a year. The operators will have new roles and their original tasks will be split. That means, among other things, that they need to operate more equipment than before. They will also work together in a different way than they have been used to.

How can we ensure that this group of operators (200 in the Veghel factory, 120 in the Bedum factory) are prepared in time for the new situation so that the transition runs smoothly, and we have the least possible loss of production and quality? And how do we ensure that, after the transition, people have support available in the workplace and integrated with their work, but also as a means to train new people?


Based on an initial performance analysis and description of the processes, the key critical tasks were determined. This work was carried out together with the people on the factory floor.

Using a 70:20:10 design, both the preparation for the new workplaces and for the support of workers the workplace were determined. The design was aimed at operators, but also at team leaders and process experts who played a role in implementation.

In co-creation with the lead assessors and the operators in the workplace, performance support was created and a technical performance support system filled with 2000 skills to can be used for learning tasks required in the new workplaces, but also for continuous improvement and audits.


Delivered output:

  • Action lists for 70 critical tasks (work processes).
  • Performance support made available through POKA (see images below), including instructional photos (also instructional videos in the Bedum factory).
  • Input for the skills module of POKA.
  • Implemented a buddy system for training people in new positions.
  • Methodology for creating performance support on the factory site introduced to the lead assessors.
  • Customized formats for creating action lists and performance support materials.


The operators and team leaders were well prepared for their new roles. It was easy to manage which people could perform which tasks. The transition is still to take place in Veghel. In Bedum, the new control room went live successfully and, as a side effect of this process, all relevant SOPs have been updated and processes have been redesigned.


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