Client question

How can we prepare 3000 healthcare professionals for the go-live of a new EPD (HiX) using the 70:20:10 methodology, so we can reduce the number of formal training sessions in classrooms to a minimum and the employees are optimally supported, even after go-live?


Created a 70:20:10 design based on a zero-measurement approach. To a large extent, this has been implemented by internal project leaders under the supervision of a senior Tulser consultant.


Delivered output:

  • Working together with a team of educational specialists at the customer and a construction team, we documented guides for 800 tasks in an EPSS: HiX. (See the images below)
  • Onboarding program ready and implemented.


  • 750 guides in the EPSS  (Cato).
  • One HiX Expert Trainer and one HiX Trainer (key users) per 10 employees trained per department. Substantially less training has been delivered to the total number of employees compared to a traditional approach.
  • Every department has a tailor-made co-creation program with a departmental advisory team.
  • 97% of end users passed the aptitude test.
  • Positive business case quantified and delivered compared to traditional training approach.


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