It is a mindset, so you don’t do that today or in three weeks. You do that continuously. The way in which the institute has influenced our learning trajectory is by employing a systemic approach that actually maximizes the practicality of a complex set of information.

Natasja StuifbergenConnector & Developer & Thinker - Factor Drie

The main eye-opener for me was that the world is bigger than e-learning and that the focus no longer comes from education, but more from a business approach. The methodology has enabled me to look further and, in this way, demonstrate immediate impact and spend my budget smarter.

Joost SmildeL&D Specialist - Friesland Campina

70:20:10 has helped me and my team became more relevant to the organization. As a L&D department, we could finally prove our added value by contributing precisely to employee performance. The methodology has provided us with meaningful measurable data to indicate the business problem and create valuable solutions.

Sandor WeerbergL&D Specialist - Friesland Campina

As a learning professional, 702010 has connected me much better to the real organizational needs. In this way I have learned to shake off my classical learning repertoire and start with what really works. I am now confident to step into the workplace a lot more and act and advise from that place. I think that is the great added value.

Bianca RumpenAdvisor L&D - Municipality of The Hague

For me, 70:20:10 was the missing link between working with people towards developing an innovative problem-solving approach and implementing it.

Loes SchatAdvisor process management - Municipality of Zaanstad

It wasn’t a perspective that I have not seen or heard about, but it was a much more structured and practical approach. Easy to understand and visually pleasing. It has given me and my organization an impulse to step out of the training bubble and deliver performance support through critical analysis and systematic work.

Marjolein EeninkLearning Coach - Friesland Campina