The transformation from learning to business value requires a change in the Business Model.

The four steps of the Value-Based Methodology

• Establish the desired L&D business model. This is done using a practical audit.

• Develop a roadmap to design and implement the transformation as a process.
Think of a process taking 2-4 years with clear successes along the way.

• Measure costs and revenues. The revenue from Value-Based L&D determines the change that L&D undergoes at a systemic level; on the way to proactively creating added value.

• If necessary, update the roadmap, learning quickly and cleverly from mistakes,
errors and successes.

L&D Business Model Canvas

L&D business models are almost invisible. That is part of the reason why Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas is so useful. At a glance you can see that L&D functions as a system with controls through strategy, processes and management, which we
have placed above the original business canvas model.

The figure shows an overview of the L&D business model canvas linked to the first two steps of our Value-Based Methodology™.

This demonstrates the clarity of the approach.

First, a diagnosis is carried out with a clear statement of the desired L&D business model. Then, a roadmap is defined that will change the business model. This leads to achieving the desired L&D business model.