High Performance for 2020 and Beyond: Strategies and Technologies That Work

Leveraging Intellectual Capital to Quantify Organizational Performance


Authors: Charles Jennings and Bob Danna

In yesterday’s knowledge economy, codified knowledge harbored by individual employees was considered the key value creator. However, this model is being rapidly replaced by today’s more powerful era of the expert. The era of the expert is characterized by the importance of exemplary performers and the challenge for organizations to spread their tacit knowledge, as well as their explicit knowledge, in the right context across the entire organizational network. No longer are stacks of codified knowledge stored in databases the principal asset of value. Today, the value lies in ‘flows’ of explicit and tacit, or intangible, knowledge from the heads of domain experts – through the nodes and across work communities – to those who need it for decision-making and action. Much of this useful knowledge is based on the reflective experience and guidance by exemplary performers.


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