The Business Partnership programme is designed for commercial organisations that provide innovative 70:20:10 products and solutions that support the 70:20:10 model.

Business partners might be large or small consultancies, software companies, L&D service providers, or other contributors to the 70:20:10 ecosystem.

Membership of the Business Partnership programme will help business organisations gain greater ‘traction’, widen their 70:20:10 businesses, and ensure their branding is ahead of the growing appetite for 70:20:10 products and services. It will offer also opportunities to build more productive leads with support from the 70:20:10 Institute.

As well as the Business Partner programme, the 70:20:10 Institute has launched an Organisational Partner programme for corporations, companies, government agencies, not-for-profits and other organisations that have implemented 70:20:10 strategies and practices. These programmes offer synergies, with each benefiting from the other.

The Business Partnership is available at two levels – GOLD and PLATINUM.


If you are interested in discussing Business partnerships in more detail, please contact us:

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