The Performance Detective Programme

The Performance Detective Programme

for HR Business Partners

Are you an HR business partner with a passion for your profession? With an ambition to analyse and advise from a business perspective? To ensure you have a meaningful say at the management table through delivering measurable business impact?

Then the HR Business Partner Performance Detective Programme is definitely for you.

In many organisations, it’s difficult for HR business partners not to fall into accepting solutions without analysis. This is often the case when managers have already decided the solution for a performance problem, and then simply ask their HR business partner to deliver this solution. No analysis occurs.

By learning how to analyse problems and opportunities at the system level, you will be able to provide real added value for your internal customers.


Register now:

The 70:20:10 Institute in Partnership with DPG (Developing People Globally)
Thursday, 7 June 2018 at 16:00 – Tuesday, 26 June 2018 at 15:00 (BST)
London, United Kingdom



Benefits for your organisation

  • Increased business impact for critical issues across the organisation;
  • Structured insight into performance problems and opportunities, and evidence-based advice with targeted solutions;
  • Improved collaboration between HR and other support departments.

Benefits for participants

  • Better support for your own managers with their problems and challenges by using a structured and proven methodology;
  • Improved collaboration with other support departments;
  • Tangible contribution to the success of your organisation;
  • You will be a true business partner, visibly adding value for your internal customers and your organisation.

The methodology


The 70:20:10 methodology is a carefully defined, structured process that involves five new roles and 31 critical tasks that deliver value and improved organisational performance.

In the Performance Detective Programme for HR Business Partners, we focus on the role of the Performance Detective and also on another of the five roles, the Performance Game Changer.

The Performance Detective role helps you follow a structured analysis approach that includes [a] business analysis; [b] performance analysis; [c] influences analysis.

The Game Changer role helps you manage your solution implementation and ensure all solutions are aligned with the culture of your organisation. This is achieved by working closely with stakeholders, co-creating and communicating practical actions to ensure success.

The approach: performance-oriented working in practice!


Elements of the programme include:

  • The project
    Prior to starting the programme, you will agree a project you will work on. This involves discussing the specific challenges and questions your internal customer faces and deciding which one you are going to tackle with the help of the Performance Detective tasks.
  • The kick-off accelerator
    The programme starts with a kick-off accelerator session, held either online or on location.
  • Performance DNA™ Light
    In collaboration with Platinum Performance Group, the 70:20:10 Institute will provide you with a set of sophisticated tools from the Performance DNA™ suite that the Performance Detective uses in carrying out the analyses.
  • Online performance support and the app
    There are nine specific task lists, each containing several tasks, for you to carry out in your own practice. We provide performance support to help you with all tasks, including online checklists and expert tips, as well as online consulting. The online performance support is available via either a browser or an app.
  • The work accelerators
    There is one face-to-face ‘work accelerator’ meeting during the programme. The work accelerator provides an opportunity for you to get guidance and advice on your project from experts.
  • The book
    All participants receive a copy of the book 70:20:10 towards 100% performance (Arets, Jennings, Heijnen, 2015) prior to the start of the programme. This 300+ page, large-format publication forms the body of knowledge and detailed background of the 70:20:10 Methodology.
  • Presenting the results
    With the in-company programme in some locations (such as in the Netherlands), we hold a half-day session five months after the start of the programme. In this session participants present the results they have achieved to date, including the business benefits. Where possible, we invite your internal clients.
  • Online community
    We provide an online community to support the programme. The community provides a facility for participants to share the progress of their projects and receive feedback and tips from their peers and experts.
  • Online advice from experts
    Online advice is available to you in the form of ‘check-ins’. These last 15-30 minutes. During the check-ins, we discuss any bottlenecks in your project and provide possible solutions. You can also get support via email, the online community, or via video calls to our experts.


The programme structure: general outline


Introduction via an online live session (1 hour):

  • Focus on improvement of individual, team and organisational performance as a starting point.
  • Defining your own project.

Work accelerator day 1:

  • HR business partners and L&D professionals: developing a common language and connecting to core processes.
  • Organisational analysis: applying the tools in your own practice.
  • Performance analysis: do it yourself using the tools.

Work accelerator day 2:

  • Influence analysis: determining which factors play a role in the implementation of important themes in your organisation? Application of the Rummler nine-box model: to be used every day. We practice using the model during this day.
  • Exemplary performers: why are they important in the process and where do you find them?
  • Reporting to your internal client: creating commitment and lasting relationships with the key figures in your organisation and the other departments.

Final meeting

Presentation of projects (1 half day) + awarding certificates.

Target group


  • HR business partners
  • (also available to L&D professionals)



1,495 EURO per participant (or equivalent in other currencies)

For prices of in-company programmes for a cohort of your HR Business Partners (and L&D professionals), please contact us.


Register now:

The 70:20:10 Institute in Partnership with DPG (Developing People Globally)
Thursday, 7 June 2018 at 16:00 – Tuesday, 26 June 2018 at 15:00 (BST)
London, United Kingdom