Client question

Is Tulser able, in cooperation with the Laurens Academy, to offer a training program for FB employees (cleaning, linen, reception, technical management & maintenance, food & drink and hospitality), so they are prepared for the new situation after the refurbishment of Facility Services from the 1st of March 2019?


After the Performance Detective analysis, the performance gap and the desired situation were established. Based on this, a 70:10:10 design was made for the employees and the team leaders and the ambassadors. We then, together with the content expert external suppliers (for example with cleaning: Alpheios), made performance support for the employees available at the workplace. The training courses are organized around performance support.

Delivered output:

  • Report current and desired situation.
  • 33 critical tasks performance support. (See photos below)
  • 5 improvement sessions per location accompanied by ambassadors (28 locations).
  • Measurement plan delivered.
  • Measurements performed.
  • Progress reports delivered.
  • Coordination process carried out.


The first 5 locations have successfully gone live. The first measurement after two months shows that 80% of employees work in accordance with the new standards. The first results in the workplace are positive (evaluation with clients and family about, for example, improved cleaning quality, employee satisfaction).


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