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Four Business Models that Redefine L&D

Four L&D Business Models

The 70:20:10 Institute’s new book makes a distinction between four L&D business models. (Arets, J. and other, in press).

The book examines the variations between four business models used by L&D departments in organisations. Two axes are used. The horizontal axis is between a focus on HR(D) – Human Resource Development needs – and the needs of the Business. The vertical axis is between Operational focus and Strategic needs. Within these axes there are four quadrants:

  • Learning-focused L&D business models.
    • Order Taker.
    • Learning Provider.
  • Business-focused L&D business models. 
    • Performance Provider.
    • Value Creator.

Want To Participate In The New Book?

The four business models are the subjects of the new book from the 70:20:10 Institute. We would welcome your contributions:

  • Stories about your own business models. Are they working?
  • Examples of good practice within your organisation.
  • Ideas, tips, and pitfalls.
  • Any other personal insights.

Please let us have these via the below CONTACT FORM in plenty of time, as the book containing all the online and offline solutions will be published simultaneously in Dutch and English this Fall.

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