Mark Britz has worked over 15 years designing and managing learning solutions for elearning production houses, K12 publishing, dental management, and IT healthcare. His career has spanned the areas of public education, business simulation design, management and executive consultation.  As a senior learning and performance practitioner he has developed formal learning solutions as well as strategically implemented informal and social approaches to meet organizational needs. Key accomplishments include a peer-supported onboarding program and a social-centric corporate university model. His work and writing have been highlighted in books such as Revolutionize Learning and Development: Performance and Innovation Strategy for the Information Age and The Social Learning Handbook.  Mark positions himself at the intersection of organizational design and learning with social at the center and is a regular speaker on the topic of social technology for learning and performance improvement. You can learn more about his ideas and activities at where he writes frequently about organizational design, social connection, and cultures of collaboration.