Jos’ passion is for co-creating, with colleagues and clients, a new future for L&D as a Value Creator. Jos has worked for 25 years in the field of human performance improvement to support L&D departments moving from formal learning to human performance improvement solutions and to provide added business value.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Society is, as it were, “on hold.” In many cases, this also applies to L&D. In this article, we will look at relevant questions that need to be addressed NOW about strengthening L&D after the corona crisis. Reshaping L&D’s Future? COVID-19 is a classic example of a black swan event as described by Nicolas Taleb…

Evidence-Informed L&D

Four Recommendations To Support Evidence-Informed L&D

Generally, L&D professionals ask themselves the question: “How can I deliver services as quickly as possible in accordance with the wishes of the customer?” On the other hand, others ask a more fundamental question: “Does the service actually work?” To determine the effectiveness of any service, the L&D professional looks for scientific evidence. Scientific evidence will help decision-making about learning services. The question is, is this evidence-based or evidence-informed?

L&D In The Formal Learning Silo

For decades, evaluation, ROI and business impact have been under discussion within L&D. Countless conferences are filled with the what and how of the evaluation of predominantly formal learning (1). However, responses to the question: ‘how can we translate the value of (formal) learning to business impact’ often remain anxiously silent. That is why it is time to think differently about the value that L&D delivers – beyond the boundaries of formal learning.

New Value Creation with Four business models for L&D

If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu For many years, Learning and Development (L&D) has been trying to demonstrate the value of learning. It has modernised the services it provides, reorganised its distribution methods for greater efficiency, and professionalised its measurement processes. But it is still failing. This raises some important questions:…