About the 702010 Institute

The 70:20:10 Institute has been established in response to widespread international demand for information about what the 70:20:10 model involves and how it can be used.

The Institute works collaboratively with organisations across the world. We help exploit the potential of 70:20:10 as a robust approach that strengthens and aligns learning and development (L&D) with organisational performance needs.  We are working to create L&D strategies and solutions with performance and (organisational) learning power.

We see 70:20:10 as a movement rather than a solution. It is a movement whose aim is to deploy more effective and efficient approaches for building high performance faster than the speed of business.

The Institute is open, collaborative and inclusive in nature. We partner with businesses that are supporting 70:20:10 and with L&D departments and other parts of organisations that are using 70:20:10. We also partner with experts across the world whose work is leading the way to extend beyond formal learning.

The Institute offers help and support through a 70:20:10 expert programme, publications, and through a set of resources we make available for use by business partners and organisations that are using 70:20:10 to improve learning and performance.

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